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Private Trainer London (United Kingdom)

To transform your body you’ll need a solid training program and a diet that will work for your needs. London-based private personal trainer Kjell Buyst can help you achieve your goals.

Kjell has worked internationally with CEO’s, models, actors and athletes who have seen tangible results. Kjell has years of experience in personal training and martial arts under his belt, allowing him to create customized nutrition plans and combine these with tailored weight and cardio training programs for optimal results.

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I’ve been a ‘gym-goer’ for 10 years and have worked with several personal trainers. I started training with Kjell in November and I’ve found him easily to be the best I’ve worked with. From the outset, I explained that I wanted to get leaner and stronger. I wanted to reduce body fat and know what is best to eat for good nutrition. 5 months on, my body fat has reduced over 12% to 7%. I have full information in terms of eating, and I’v never felt better about myself.

I continue to train with Kjell once per week and enjoy that we never do the same program. What’s even better is that, he has become a friend so the training can be extremely tough and fun at the same time.

Rob R.

(Ford Models NYC) MensHealth Magazine

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